SysMus Conference Series

SysMus is a series of international conferences organized annually by young researchers and PhD students in the field of systematic musicology/music science. By being able to present their work to peers in a professional, yet informal setting, students who are still at the beginning of their academic career can share their ideas, and network with peers. SysMus is committed to incorporating a wide range of topics within its conferences, representative of the umbrella term “systematic musicology”. For more information on the SysMus format, previous conferences, and to read some nice blogs, visit the SysMus website.


Sysmus22 is organized by PhD students at IPEM.

IPEM is a renowned research group in systematic musicology, focusing on embodied music cognition and expressive interaction with music. It holds a special position, as the institute finds its origins in electro-acoustic music production and has been at the forefront of music innovation ever since. Throughout the years, IPEM has not lost touch with these origins, providing its rare position of maintaining a truly interdisciplinary approach where knowledge of empirical research is not solely valued, but the expertise of engineers and artists is additionally seen as invaluable. The resulting in-house interdisciplinary methods – based on music theory, performer-inspired analysis, advanced behavioral and neuroscientific empirical experiments, statistics and computer modeling – are applied in such fields as music education, rehabilitation, sports sciences and the arts.

Besides the knowledge and experience of its people, IPEM harbors the Art-Science-Interaction-Lab (ASIL) that integrates state-of-the-art technologies. ASIL is an immersive lab consisting of an 80-speaker setup, audio over IP and 7th order ambisonics, which allows for in-depth experimenting with 3D sound and auralisation. Apart from custom sensors, ASIL has an extensive Qualisys Motion Capture system, Barco cinema projector and cinematic screen, wireless VR/AR system, and hyperscanning EEG and fNIRS equipment. Next to ASIL, IPEM has an additional lab with a Qualisys Motion Capture system, octophonic speaker set-up, and a historical synthesizer (EMS Synthi 100). Both labs have a flexible infrastructure designed with a “plug-and-play” principle in mind and possess over a wide choice of audio equipment. In short, prepare for some great hands-on workshops!

Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity are subjects of importance to the members of this organizing committee. We strive to use an intersectional approach in organization. This means that we have considered that De Krook, and our labs and conference spaces in it, are wheelchair accessible. Next to this, we intend to have a quiet space where (e.g., neurodivergent) people can retreat to if needed. We also understand that conference attendance is not a viable option for a large group of researchers for a multitude of reasons (e.g., economical, geographical, disability). This is why we will provide livestreams of presentations, so that a wide variety of students will get the opportunity to present their work to fellow researchers and find others working on similar topics. Alternative networking opportunities for these participants will be provided. If you have any questions or requests concerning this, do not hesitate to contact us at sysmus22@ugent.be.


We believe in reducing the carbon footprint of academia. Participants will be encouraged to consider using the train as means of transportation to the conference. Next to this, as mentioned previously, our aim to provide livestreamed presentations will reduce the need to be physically present. Lastly, sustainability is taken into account within practical organization (i.e. food and beverages, conference materials).

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee consists of: Kelsey Onderdijk (Chair), Aleksandra Michalko (Co-Chair), Bavo Van Kerrebroeck.

Support: Stéphanie Wilain & Max Montgomery

Supervision: Edith Van Dyck, Pieter-Jan Maes, & Marc Leman

The organizers from left to right: Bavo, Kelsey, Stéphanie, Max, & Aleksandra.


Review Committee

Special thanks to all our reviewers!

Adrien Bardet

Adriaan Campo

Andres von Schnehen

Anna Niemand

Axel Chemla-Romeu-Santos

Benjamin Matuszewski

Claudia Pulcini

Dana Swarbrick

Edoardo Passarotto

Elif Canseza Kaplan

Emma Allingham

Fleur Hubau

Giusy Caruso

Henry Drummond

Hugo Scurto

Ioulia Marouda

Iza Korsmit

Jasmijn Lootens

Joren Six

Jorg De Winne

Lionel Newman

Lousin Moumddjian

Marc Vidal

Mariëlle Baelemans

Mattia Rosso

Mimi O’Neill

Philippe Esling

Pierre-Amaury Grumiaux

Sai Charan Kanagala

Sandra Fortuna

Sarah Hashim

Simin Yang

Steffen Herff

Tomomi Hida

Umut Eldem

Xuan Huang





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